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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding in Vegas - Pre-Wedding Fun - KA tour

The next day we went back to the theatre for a tour. The front rows were blocked off and we couldn't get as close as we would have liked, but it was still very interesting. We asked many questions of the three guides who were around and took many pictures which didn't turn out very well because the theatre was still very dark. I loved this hat.

Really loved it. I think I can make something like it.
Here we are with the flash on.

And here we are with the flash off.

Stage, sort of. It's all very complicated and complex.

Wedding in Vegas - Pre-Wedding Fun - KA

KA was the Cirque show we saw, and we enjoyed it very much. Beloved Daughter and I standing by the poster in the lobby.

Cragin, blocking out the "A" so the sign reads "K."  You can't  see the sign because of the reflection, but that's what is happening.

Afterwards we walked to the hotel because we couldn't get a cab out front of the theater/shopping mall. All of the cabs were at the hotel. All of the cabs were at the hotel because the Brittany Spears concert had just let out. We joined a huge line of mostly young women. Jim made friends. 

Wedding in Vegas - Pre-Wedding Fun - Playing Slots

Beloved Daughter played and she won! Overall, we all came out losers. No big surprise there. But the playing was fun.

Wedding in Vegas Pre-Wedding Fun - Zombie Burlesque

So - Zombie Burlesque -  strange, unusual, and zombies.  Right up our alley.  Jim didn't love it, but Cragin and Beloved Daughter and I did.  We didn't take pictures because one doesn't during a show.  But it was very funny and very Las Vegas.  Zombies trying not to eat people and doing burlesque.  Fun times!